More English Versions

This list will give the reader an idea of the number of versions that have been published. There may be others that are not on this list.

Following the name of the version is the translator and/or publisher and the year it was first released, if known.

  1. All the Books of the Old and New Testaments (Purver, 1764)
  2. Analytical-Literal Translation, The (not yet published)
  3. Aramaic Bible (Alexander, not yet published)
  4. Bible, The (Barker, 1615)
  5. Bible in Living English (Byington, 1972)
  6. Bible Revised (Barham, 1850)
  7. Bishop's Bible (1568)
  8. Black Bible Chronicles (McCary, 1993)
  9. Book of the New Covenant (Penn, 1836)
  10. Christian Community Bible (Grogan, 1995)
  11. Christian's Bible (Lefevre, 1928)
  12. Clementine Edition (1790)
  13. Commonly Received Version of the New Testament (Cone, 1850)
  14. Complutensian Bible
  15. Cotton Patch New Testament (Jordan, 1970)
  16. Cranmer Version
  17. David Macrae Translation (Macrae, 1799)
  18. Dramatized Bible (Perry, 1989)
  19. English Translation of the Bible (Mace, 1729)
  20. Family Expositor (Dodderidge, 1755)
  21. Good News of Our Lord Jesus, the Anointed (Whiting, 1849)
  22. Great Bible (Grafton and Whitchurch)
  23. Hebrew Name Bible
  24. Holy Bible (Bellamy, 1818)
  25. Holy Bible (Conquest, 1841)
  26. Holy Bible (Forshall, 1850)
  27. Holy Bible (Fry, 1812)
  28. Holy Bible (Geddes, 1797)
  29. Holy Bible (Madden, 1850)
  30. Holy Bible (Sharpe, 1892)
  31. Holy Bible (Julia Smith, 1876)
  32. Holy Bible (Thomson)
  33. Holy Bible (Wordsworth, 1885)
  34. Holy Bible: An Improved Edition (American Bible Union, 1912)
  35. Holy Bible Containing the Old and the New Testaments (Sawyer, 1862)
  36. Holy Bible with Amendments (Webster, 1833)
  37. Holy Scriptures (Leeser, 1855)
  38. Holy Scriptures (Wellbeloved, 1859)
  39. Interlinear Literal Translation of the Hebrew Old Testament (George Richter Berry)
  40. Jewish Bible (Kaplan)
  41. Jewish School and Family Bible (Benisch, 1861)
  42. Liberal Translation of the New Testament (Harwood)
  43. Matthew's Bible
  44. Mr. Whiston's Primitive New Testament (Whiston, 1745)
  45. Modern Bible Version (Pratt / American Bible Society, 1893)
  46. Modern King James Version of the Holy Bible (McGraw-Hill, 1962)
  47. New and Corrected Version of the New Testament (Dickinson, 1833)
  48. New Dispensation: The New Testament (Weekes, 1897)
  49. New Family Bible (Boothroyd, 1833)
  50. New International Reader's Version (1995)
  51. New Literal Translation (MacKnight, 1795)
  52. New Testament (Belsham, 1809)
  53. New Testament (Bowes, 1870)
  54. New Testament (Brotherhood Authentic Bible Society)
  55. New Testament (Campbell, 1826)
  56. New Testament (Clementson, 1938)
  57. New Testament (Cunnington)
  58. New Testament (Greber, 1937)
  59. New Testament (Haweis, 1795)
  60. New Testament (Highton, 1862)
  61. New Testament (Hollybushe, 1538)
  62. New Testament (Jefferson, 1820)
  63. New Testament (Joye)
  64. New Testament (Kneeland, 1822)
  65. New Testament (Morgan, 1848)
  66. New Testament (Murdock, 1851)
  67. New Testament (Panin / Bible Numerics, 1914)
  68. New Testament (Richter, 1877)
  69. New Testament (Scarlett, 1798)
  70. New Testament (Sharpe, 1856)
  71. New Testament (Simon, 1730)
  72. New Testament (Thorn, 1861)
  73. New Testament (Wakefield, 1791)
  74. New Testament (W. Williams, 1812)
  75. New Testament (Wynne, 1764)
  76. New Testament in an Improved Version (1808)
  77. New Testament of Our Messiah and Saviour Yashua (Traina, 1950)
  78. New Testament or New Covenant (Worsley, 1770)
  79. New Translation (Archbishop Newcome)
  80. New Version of All the Books of the New Testament (Batly and Chandler, 1726)
  81. Newe Testament of Our Saviour Jesu Christe (Jugge, 1552)
  82. Numberical Bible (Grant)
  83. Old and New Testaments (J. Clarke and Co., 1899)
  84. Old Covenant, The (Thompson, 1808)
  85. Old Testament Scriptures (Spurrell, 1885)
  86. Poetic Bible, The (Gray, 1973)
  87. Pulpit Bible, The (Parker, 1937)
  88. Revised Translation and Interpretation of the Sacred Scriptures (Ray, 1799)
  89. Revised Translation of the Old Testament (Cookesley, 1859)
  90. Rheims-Challoner Version
  91. Semitic New Testament (Trimm)
  92. Short Bible, A (Farrer, 1956)
  93. Taverner's Bible (Taverner, 1759)
  94. Thomas Cromwell Version (1539)
  95. Translation of the New Testament (Scarlett, 1798)
  96. Translator's New Testament (1975)
  97. World English Bible





Each version has its own page where there is a brief description about that particular version, information taken from within the version itself. You can view a quote from Genesis 1: 1, 2; Wisdom (of Solomon) 1: 1; and/or John 1: 1-3 as recorded in each version to illustrate its style. Also noted is the library where the version is located.

1)  Abbreviation used throughout this website.
2)  Name of the version.
3)  Contents of the version: Old Testament, Apocrypha, New Testament.
    (The version may contain all or part of any of these sections.)

TAB Abbreviated Bible, The O A N
AAT American Translation, An (Beck) O N
SGAT American Translation, An (Smith-Goodspeed) O N
AB Amplified Bible O N
ABT Aramaic Bible, The (Targums) O
ANCJ Aramaic New Covenant N
ANT Authentic New Testament, The
BNT Barclay New Testament N
TBB Basic Bible, The O N
BDRL Bible Designed to Be Read as Literature, The O A N
TBR Bible Reader, The
CNT Cassirer New Testament N
CTNT Centenary Translation of the New Testament N
CENT Common English New Testament N
CJB Complete Jewish Bible O N
CLNT Concordant Literal New Testament N
CCDT Confraternity of Christian Doctrine Translation O A N
CEV Contemporary English Version O N
CVNT Coptic Version of the New Testament N
TCB Coverdale Bible, The
DHB Darby Holy Bible O N
TDB Dartmouth Bible, The O A N
DNT Documents of the New Testament, The N
DRB Douay-Rheims Bible
EBR Emphasized Bible, The O N
EDW Emphatic Diaglott, The N
EVD English Version for the Deaf (Easy-to-Read Version) O N
EVPB English Version of the Polyglott Bible
TGB Geneva Bible, The O A N
GW God's Word (Today's Bible Translation) O N
GTNT Godbey Translation of the New Testament
HBME Holy Bible in Modern English, The O N
HBRV Holy Bible, Revised Version O N
HSH Holy Scriptures (Harkavy) O
HSM Holy Scriptures, The (Menorah)
AIV Inclusive Version, An O N
IV Inspired Version O N
IB Interlinear Bible (Greene) O N
ISV International Standard Version
TJB Jerusalem Bible, The (Catholic) O A N
JBK Jerusalem Bible (Koren) O
JBFR Jewish Bible for Family Reading, The O A
JWNT John Wesley New Testament
KJV King James Version (Authorized Version) O N
KLNT Kleist-Lilly New Testament N
KTC Knox Translation
LBP Lamsa Bible O N
LNT Lattimore New Testament N
LVME Letchworth Version in Modern English N
LB Living Bible
MCT McCord's New Testament Translation of the Everlasting Gospel N
TM Message, The (The New Testament in Contemporary English) O N
MRB Modern Reader's Bible O A N
MSNT Modern Speech New Testament, The N
MNT Moffatt New Translation
NAB New American Bible O A N
NAS New American Standard Version O N
NBV New Berkeley Version O N
NCV New Century Version O N
NEB New English Bible O A N
NET New Evangelical Translation N
NIV New International Version O N
NJB New Jerusalem Bible O A N
NJPS New JPS Version O
NKJ New King James Version O N
NLV New Life Version O N
NLT New Living Translation O N
NRS New Revised Standard Version O N
WPE New Testament in Plain English N
NTJ New Translation, A (Jewish) O
NWT New World Translation O N
NNT Noli New Testament N
NSNT Norlie's Simplified New Testament
ONT Original New Testament, The
PNC People's New Covenant, The N
PRS Phillips Revised Student Edition
RcV Recovery Version N
RCB Reese Chronological Bible O N
SNB Restoration of Original Sacred Name Bible O N
PRNT Restored New Testament, The N
REB Revised English Bible O N
RSV Revised Standard Version O N
RNT Riverside New Testament
SSBE Sacred Scriptures, The, Bethel Edition O N
SV Scholars Version, The (The Five Gospels) N
SISR Scriptures, The (ISR) O N
LXX Septuagint, The O A
SBK Shorter Bible, The O N
SCM Spencer New Testament N
SARV Standard American Edition, Revised Version O N
SET Stone Edition of the Tanach O
SNT Swann New Testament
TENT Today's English New Testament N
TEV Today's English Version (The Good News Bible) O N
TCNT Twentieth Century New Testament, The
UNT Unvarnished New Testament, The
VRGS Versified Rendering of the Complete Gospel Story
WVSS Westminster Version of the Sacred Scriptures N
TWT Wiclif Translation, The N
WTNT    William Tindale Newe Testament N
WTT William Tindale Translation O N
WNT Williams New Testament N
WMF Word Made Fresh, The O N
WAS Worrell New Testament N
WET Wuest Expanded Translation
YLR Young's Literal Translation, Revised Edition O N